Born out of a fascination with the dichotomy of everyday life, Gilded Decay by Lizette Marie is a seductive fine fragrance candle collection consisting of fine fragrances that when burned together unite to create a layered third fragrance.

The collection’s debut fragrance pairing, collection No. 1, melds masculine and feminine sensibilities to evoke a couple’s shared experiences of passion and chemistry. With the collection’s expansion, clients can mix and match candles from different pairings to craft the perfect mood. Gilded Decay is the ultimate home accessory for those looking for a one-of-a-kind fragrance experience with an understated elegance.


Drawn to layering perfumes to create a personalized fragrance, it was inevitable that Lizette Marie would one day turn to candles to capture sensory experiences. Lizette’s signature Gilded Decay collection is a reflection of her dark, moody aesthetic and glamorous attitude.